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2021 Our year in brief

our year in brief - Suzuki Garphyttan

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The best year ever

The second quarter of 2020 was the worst ever in Suzuki Garphyttan’s history. The pandemic struck with full force and paralyzed us and the entire industry. But we quickly turned instability in the market to our advantage.
It is a major strength that we are close to our customers, with sites on all continents. And every single one of our employees has been fully focused on our customers' needs. We also have continued our journey forward by developing products and offers for new industries.
This has resulted in both a unique position for the future and fantastic results. 2021 is an all-time high. Our best result ever! Now we go forward, hopefully towards another record year – together for a better tomorrow.
Watch Ad Raatgeep, CEO Suzuki Garphyttan, conclude 2021

Shaping the wire of tomorrow

Suzuki Garphyttan is a strong and well-known player on several markets. To secure our future position and find new business for our wire we will develop both our offer, our company, culture and our skills. We are aiming to be the logical first choice whenever and wherever the world needs wire to count on. In the coming years we will invest in people skills, innovation, processes and systems that enable higher quality and quicker delivery.

People and skills

In 2021 we took important steps into new industries – and this we will continue to do. Our people and their skills are key to Suzuki Garphyttan's growth in the automotive sector and the company's ability to continue breaking new ground. They are therefore top priority.
We know that great results always start with people and that the best way to achieve profitability is with committed employees who thrive at the workplace and feel pride in what we achieve together. This year we have focused on involving and engaging all employees in our new journey. We want everyone at Suzuki Garphyttan to feel that they can contribute and that they are an important part of the company – today and tomorrow.

Stronger together

To become one strong partner globally, working together to fulfill our customers’ needs, we are implementing a new global business system: OneShare. By standardizing, modernizing and streamlining our business processes – with one interface for our customers and suppliers – we will be stronger, more flexible and prepared for the future. Or as Suzuki Garphyttan's vision concludes: Together for a better tomorrow. The work to create common processes and integrate one single system throughout the company started during 2021; the new business system will go live globally in 2022.

Innovation is in our DNA

Innovations, close partnerships, and continuous development have been our keys to success for decades, and now more than ever. This last year we have continued exploring new products, new industries, and new partners. We have been listening to different market needs and demands and thinking way outside the well-known box. We are now developing and adapting the organization to be able to work more innovatively with product and process development. Research and development of products and processes are more intense than ever. We are testing new ways to solve our customers' challenges. We are prototyping, quality-assuring and constantly moving forward and pushing boundaries.

More than a century of success

A bed, a car and a pop-up tent all have one thing in common: the reliable wire from Suzuki Garphyttan.
Our steel wire products make a huge difference in a wide range of industries: automotive, medical technology, energy, bed & seating, and the food industry, just to name a few. Everything we do is based on sustainable production methods, innovative technology and more than 100 years of experience.
Suzuki Garphyttan has its roots in the small community of Garphyttan in Sweden but is today a global player and part of the Japanese Nippon Steel Corporation. We conduct environmentally licensed manufacturing in Sweden, the United Kingdom, the United States, Mexico and China. We also have a sales office in Düsseldorf, Germany.
We care, dare and share Our values are the basis of everything we do. We are all team players who care about each other and the company, our customers, stakeholders and, of course, the environment. We dare to think new and innovative, dare to be honest, brave and to take responsibility. We work together and share knowledge and ideas, plans and possibilities, success, and failure. And we all share the vision – together for a better tomorrow.

Join our journey

Are you looking for an opportunity to learn and develop as much as possible? To work near highly experienced people and get knowledge and a broad understanding of the steel wire industry? In 2022 we hope to keep growing, both when it comes to profitability and co-workers. Whether you’re about to take the first or the hundred step in your career. Want to know more? Read about working at Suzuki Garphyttan at our career page.

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A sustainable focus

A sustainable focus

We have made up our mind. Sustainable and long-term decisions will lead us to new business opportunities and profitable growth. Sustainability is therefore a priority and an important part of our business roadmap.

Sustainable development is about looking at the whole picture. For us it’s about how we can reduce environmental impacts when producing our 100-percent recyclable steel. But it’s also about reviewing other parts of the value chain, and collaborating with customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders on challenges that affect all of us. We have set ambitious targets for all parts of the sustainability map.


Targets for the coming years

The environmental sustainability targets focus on reducing CO2 emissions and eliminating non-environmentally friendly elements from our production facilities. If we manage to reduce CO2 emissions by 10 percent per kilo of produced and sold wire, we will exceed the Paris Agreement target of a 50-percent reduction in CO2 by 2030. We will work hard to eliminate non-environmentally friendly elements used in production by 2025 and will increase our recycling volumes as time goes on. We will limit our freshwater usage and landfill, and develop ways to recycle not only fresh water but also plastic, metal, and much more.

When it comes to social sustainability, we will focus on the UN goals of Good health and well-being (where our safety work is an important part), Quality education, Gender equality, and Decent work and economic growth. We also see diversity as a target area.

Financial sustainability is about sound finances and economic growth, according to UN Goal 8. Our targets include good cashflow from profitable business and a low debt-to-equity ratio.


Investments in 2021

During the past year, we’ve already been busy with investments and updates to our facilities. In Suzhou, China, we installed solar panels and replaced the old furnace with effective, innovative, and environmentally friendly tempering. In Garphyttan, the factory is supplied with green electricity only, which reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 8,000 tons from May to December 2021. We obtained support for local climate investment and made the switch to more sustainable geothermal heating.

In South Bend, we started to recycle spray cans and reduced the amount of scrap in production. The UK site in Leeds focused on green electric power and waste separation. We also installed a cooling tower to reduce consumption of both water and electricity. At our newest site in San José Iturbide, Mexico, we worked hard to increase personnel safety and reduce hazardous liquids.

Recycling and waste reduction has been high on our business agenda, as well as safety and well-being of our employees. We are working hard with safety communication and behavior to increase knowledge and awareness with the aim to reach our zero-accidents target in 2025. During 2021 we introduced a collaboration with the organization Suicide Zero, to contribute and support their important work spreading knowledge and awareness about mental illness and reduce the number of suicides in our society.

If you want to know more about our sustainability work, please get in touch. We have a lot to tell you. You can also read our Sustainability Report.